Has been operating in the freight market for over 30 years. During this time, we have gained valuable experience that helps us deliver your goods safely, efficiently and accurately on time.

Number of employees: more than 100 people.
Geography of transportation: Ukraine, European Union, CIS countries, Asia.
Fleet: It consists of more than 150 units of vehicles.
GPS navigation system: It is equipped with the entire fleet.

Our services

For more than 25 years, Kormo-Trans-Lolistic LLC has been pushing the boundaries of the logistics industry and management supply chains. We offer thousands of products for customers looking to find the best solution for delivery. See how we can help you.


LLC "Kormo-Trans-Logistic" is a carrier, so we are happy to organize the delivery of your goods by road. The main directions of transportation in which our company specializes:

  • Transportation of dry bulk cargo
  • Transportation of bulk cargo
  • Transportation of flour 
  • Transportation of compound feed
  • Transportation of grain 
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Waste transportation

LLC "KORMO-TRANS-LOGISTIC" provides services in the field of waste management and environmental services for enterprises

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LLC "Kormo-Trans-Logistic" as of today, is ready to offer you:

  • Any car spare parts for Scania vehicles
  • Auto tires for trucks and trailers
  • Dry egg products: dry egg powder, dry egg yolk, dry egg white of excellent quality.
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Inventory planning and control

LLC "Kormo-Trans-Logistic" as of today, is ready to offer you:

  • Short-term planning of compound feed residues at your enterprise;
  • Short-term planning of the remaining raw materials in your company.
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Full logistic support

LLC "Kormo-Trans-Logistic" offers you services for organizing the logistics processes of your company. We will provide your entire production cycle, as well as the supply chain to customers, with the necessary transport in full.

  • We will harvest the crop from the field to the current with grain carriers;
  • we will transport from the current to the elevator by couplings;
  • we will deliver from the elevator to the feed mill by dump trucks;
  • we organize delivery from the feed mill to the warehouses by feed trucks or tents (if the feed is packaged);
  • we transport from the warehouse and pump the compound feed into the poultry house with food barrels with pneumatic discharge;
  • move the poultry to the poultry house or to the slaughterhouse with poultry transporters;
  • we will bring poultry or eggs to the store on refs.
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Our advantages

LLC "KORMO-TRANS-LOGISTIC" has a number of advantages in comparison with other carriers of dry bulk cargo, our advantages include:

Own fleet of more than 150 cars.

Vehicle versatility.

100% qualified and cultured drivers who undergo regular certification.

Control of transport documents.

Round-the-clock work of the car park.

Transport with rear and side discharge, food barrels with pneumatic discharge or auger

Vehicle monitoring system for the entire fleet.

Own service of those. support 24/7.

A wide range of vehicles for the transport of bulk cargo.

Technical ability to transport from 22 to 35 tons per trip (48-75 m3).

Transportation is always in accordance with the law, we comply with the rules

The unloading height of the order can be up to 60 m.

Availability of multi-section vehicles from 1 to 16 compartments.

More than 15 years of experience in transportation.

Right on time, the customer can see the location of the cargo and the time of arrival of the transport online.

Cargo insurance (at the request of the customer).

Types of transported compound feed: Loose, granulated, packaged.

We work on the territory of Ukraine, CIS, Europe.

Availability of our own repair base (Scania Service Center), performing a full range of works.

Taking care of the environment - our transport is always clean, both inside and out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can call us at any time and we will provide you with a free consultation

How long does it take to order transport?

It is advisable to order transport 1-2 days (24-48 hours) before the loading date, but if you have such a situation that you need to place an order today for today, call us at the numbers indicated in the contacts section, and our managers will try to help you.

What is the maximum weight a feed truck can carry in one trip in one direction.

The maximum weight transported by our vehicles is 40 tons. for couplings, 36 tons for feed and flour trucks, 22 tons for cement trucks. Please note that when transporting more than 22 tons of cargo, permits from authorized bodies are required.

How many compartments are there in a feed truck?

Our feed trucks have from 1 to 16 compartments, into which you can load various types of dry bulk cargo, that is, in one car you can transport several types of your product.

In what areas does your company work?

Our company operates throughout Ukraine, the CIS, and Europe.

How much does dry bulk cargo transportation cost?

In order to give you an answer to this question, you need to know the route of transportation and the features of your cargo, a more accurate answer can be obtained by contacting us

Can you transport flour in bulk?

Yes we can, because our cars are equipped with oil-free compressors.

Can you transport sugar in bulk?

Yes we can, because our cars are equipped with compressors with air cooling function.

What other cargo do you transport in bulk?

Any dry bulk cargo is suitable for bulk transportation.

How far do you transport compound feed?

For any distance.

What is the maximum height of your vehicle?

The maximum feed vehicle height is 4 meters. This height allows you to drive under almost any elevator, although it is advisable to clarify to the dispatcher in advance your wishes regarding the dimensions of the ordered transport in order to avoid unpleasant situations.

What are the rules for transporting compound feed?

The rules for the transportation of mixed feed are described in Gosty, DSTU, TU, laws on road transport. Rest assured we comply with them!

How to start working with you?

It's simple - Application, contract and let's go!


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